Zero Emissions Courier Hero


Since 2010 we’ve been offering zero emission delivery options from our urban delivery hubs. As a professional courier company, we recognise the importance of delivering for local businesses and we strive to reduce our environmental footprint to improve everyday urban life for local communities. To achieve this we have been operating cycle couriers in city centres since rolling out zero emission and low emission delivery vehicles across our fleets, along with emission reduction initiatives and innovative delivery solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of every parcel we deliver in 2021. We will be expanding this service with the addition of  eCargo trikes and 100% electric eSprinter vans to our fleet.

Service Overview

For a quick and environmentally friendly delivery, look no further than Priority Zero. Our expanding fleet, which combines zero emissions with flexible payload options, includes Cargo Bikes, eCargo Trikes and 100% electric eSprinter vans. Whatever your business, we can help by providing quick and reliable deliveries to meet your budget and your delivery deadlines. Our zero-emission fleet covers city centre areas and further afield on request. Our cargo bikes easily filter through traffic and are exempt from Clean Air Zones where applicable. Ultimately it doesn’t matter what items you want to send, we’re ready to help and handle your consignment in the most efficient way. By choosing Priority Zero you’re helping the environment as we all move towards a more sustainable future. Our fleet currently has the following payload capacities:

Small - Bullitt Cargo Bike

Small Bullitt Cargo Bike

50 Kgs
Typical load: up to 6 A4 boxes

Large - eCargo Trike

200 Kgs
Typical load: up to 25 A4 boxes

Extra Large eSprinter 100% Electric Van

Extra Large eSprinter 100% Electric Van Courier

700 Kgs
Typical load: up to 150 A4 boxes