Looking to take your career to the next level? Becoming a delivery driver can be a great way to move out of the office job and hit the road.

There are many benefits of being a delivery driver especially if you are someone who loves driving and exploring. You’ll have a new route everyday so no day will be the same.

We’ve got a range of delivery driving options for our staff from our multi drop self-employed drivers, to our same day delivery drivers, to delivery and collection drivers.

Self-Employed Drivers

Our multi-drop self-employed drivers cover deliveries across Bristol, Bath, and Cardiff, dropping off 80-90 parcels a day.

Being a self-employed driver has its perks, there’s nothing more satisfying then being your own boss and being in control of your time, including how often you work. It’s great to have some flexibility in your role especially if you have commitments outside of work.

Most self-employed drivers supply their own vehicles; therefore, you’ll spend your day in your own space, which can make your day more comfortable.

At Priority Express we are founder members of the National Courier Association and part of the highly successful APC Overnight delivery network. Our services include express same day, overnight & international courier delivery, so we’ll have work ready for you any time of the day or night, depending on the hours you’d like to work. You can find out about our self-employed opportunities here.

Priority Express Drivers

Being proud of what you do is an important benefit, keeping you motivated so you can be happy at work. As a professional courier company our aim, quite simply, is to be the best. Our unrivalled national coverage and the flexibility to collect and deliver most types of freight on demand, means that we provide a service which is completely reliable and cost-effective.

Another benefit of being a delivery driver is that you’ll always meet new people, you’ll be meeting lots of people from a variety of businesses to independent customers, in a wide range of places. This will keep your workday dynamic and interesting, and you might get to know some of the repeat customers quite well.

Being a Priority Express courier driver provides job security, a van, and a great team. Even when you spend time in a van, you’ll get to know the team at the depots when you load and unload your deliveries. We’ve been around since 1989, so our team has valuable experience you can lean on. You’ll get lots of advice and support from our team throughout your journey with us, so no matter the situation, our experienced team will have your back. Our team will help you provide great customer service to our customers and help route the most efficient delivery routes to get you moving in the right direction.

In conclusion, being a delivery has many perks especially if you love driving, meeting people and exploring. At Priority Express we offer competitive pay and benefits for our drivers; you can find out more about our driver opportunities here.

Posted on:

Friday, November 4, 2022