We’ve been on our carbon neutral journey since 2010 with Priority Zero, improving and developing our fleet of eSprinter vans, ecargo trikes and Bullitt cargo bikes to reduce our carbon emissions.

With our ecargo trikes built by local company Iceni Cycles, in Warminster, we’re moving towards a more sustainable Priority Express.

Working within Bristol’s clean air zone, our eSprinters will allow us to pass on savings onto our customers and reduce pollution in the key areas of the city. Providing a more budget friendly courier service.

Improving eSprinter Efficiency

We’re keeping our vehicles charged and ready to go, by improving accessibility of charging points for our drivers. Including taking steps towards providing our drivers with charging points at home, therefore they won’t need their own transport to get to work.

Our eSprinters have a range of 90 miles, which is far enough for our local deliveries across Bristol, Bath, and Cardiff. The eSprinters create happy drivers and help the planet, as a result we’re excited to bring more zero emission delivery vehicles into our fleet.

With a brand-new tracking system in place, monitoring vehicle usage and journeys to help us decide which vehicles are most suitable for the job, whether its etrike, eSprinter or a diesel vehicle. This system will allow us to increase the efficiency of how we use the Priority Zero fleet.

Priority Express customers can choose if they’d like to ship their parcels more sustainably with the option to select an eSprinter in the booking process. Sometimes this option is more affordable than its diesel counterpart. If you’d like to book parcel delivery with one of our eSprinters, get in touch.

Priority Express Ecargo Trikes

Priority express ecargo riders are enthusiastic about cycling and tend to prefer a workout, often reducing their usage of electrical assistance. Our team are truly dedicated towards a sustainable future and enjoy the health benefits of being a Priority Express rider.

Ecargo bike are large vehicles compared to your standard bicycle. We ensure our ecargo bikes are being operated safely by providing a training programme of our riders. Providing the skills required to keep our staff and the public safe, meanwhile getting your deliveries to their intended locations swiftly.

For the future

Our team are looking to expand our fleet of electric vans, in 5 years we’d like a third of our deliveries being fulfilled by zero emission vehicles.

Going entirely carbon neutral is quite a challenge for us as our self-employed drivers often supply their own vehicles. However, we’ll support and provide options for our self-employed drivers to help them make the switch to electric. We’re currently researching the options of flexible rental van suppliers that offer electric vans. This will make the vans more accessible to those drivers in comparison to the current four-year lease agreements in place.

Why go zero emission?

If you have an SME, having zero emission delivery provides a USP and gives you an edge over your competitors. You can even pair it with our sustainable packaging options to really deliver the full package. Our special packaging from Cullen, dedicated for shipping liquids such as wine, cider, beer and much more, is manufactured using 100% recycled paper. This strong and sustainable packaging for the food & drink industry is recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable. For all our sustainable packaging options contact us today.

Another reason to go zero emission is that we’re all in this planet together. If we all take part in reducing our carbon emissions, it will have an incredible impact on the environment. At Priority Express, we make an impact one delivery at a time.

By choosing Priority Zero, we will all be moving towards a sustainable future. If you’re interested in our services, please get in touch for more information.

Posted on:

Thursday, October 20, 2022