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Same day pick up & parcel delivery

Our same day delivery service offers an express pick up with a direct & dedicated delivery to anywhere in the UK.

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Priority Express Courier
overnight, same day or international parcel delivery

If you have an urgent or last-minute package, our same day parcel delivery service will ensure you deliver on your promises. Your parcel will be picked up from your desired location by one of our friendly couriers and delivered directly to its destination using the most suitable vehicle from our fleet of vans, motorcycles, and carbon-neutral cargo cycles. What’s more, you can accurately track your parcel along its journey to stay informed and reassured.

We pride ourselves on our same day parcel delivery service that we can offer you, thanks to our ever-expanding fleet of vans, motorcycles, and carbon-neutral cargo cycles. This is all operated by our hard-working team who are committed to providing you with an exceptional same day delivery service to anywhere across the UK.

We are committed to driving down CO2. Our professional cycle couriers complete over 150 carbon-neutral same day parcel deliveries every day, saving time and money without harming the environment or adding to the congestion and pollution in our cities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does same day parcel delivery work?

Our same day parcel delivery service is fast and efficient, perfect for collecting and delivering anything from last-minute gifts to important legal documents. One of our dedicated vehicles will arrive at your required location to collect your parcel and take it directly to its destination. Think of it as your very own parcel chauffeur service!

How do I book my same day delivery?

Contact our experienced, local customer service team who will help you choose the most suitable, cost-effective vehicle for your same day delivery parcel and arrange express pick up within the hour from your desired location.

What information do I need to get a quote?

When you call our friendly team to arrange your same day courier, we will ask you some questions about your parcel and where it is going. Please have the following information to hand:

• the collection and delivery addresses, including postcode

• collection time and delivery deadline

• the weight and dimensions of the parcel

• a description of the goods.

Do I need to set up an account to send a same day parcel?

To send a parcel with Priority Express, you do not need to have an account. If you are sending parcels on a regular basis, you may want to consider opening an account. To apply for a credit account, please complete our simple form and we will process your account as quickly as possible, usually within one working day.  

How late in the day can I request a same-day delivery?

We require enough time to collect the goods and then drive to your delivery destination. Contact our customer service team and they will be able to advise on this.

Will you collect from anywhere in the UK?

In the most part, yes. There are some areas where we would need advance booking (e.g. Northern Ireland and anywhere offshore).

Will you deliver the same day to anywhere in the UK?

We require enough time to drive from the pick-up point to the delivery location within the deadline required.

Do you offer same day delivery on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays?

Our same day service operates 24/7, 365 days a year, although anything on a weekend or Bank Holiday would need to be pre-booked with us during office hours (08:00 – 18:00, Monday to Friday).

Do I need to label my parcel or will labels be provided?

We do recommend that all goods are labelled up in some way and we can provide labels for this. However, it’s not essential on the same day service as our courier will collect drive direct to the delivery point.

What packaging is required for my parcel?

Priority Express will take every care to deliver your same day parcel safely. Our professional couriers are specially trained in the safe handling of goods but it is still important, whenever you send a parcel, to make sure it is packaged well. A sturdy box, some brown tape and packing materials like bubble wrap or packing paper will all help to keep your parcel safe during transit. You can be more lenient on packaging on our same day service as your goods will only be loaded onto one vehicle, driven to the delivery destination, and then unloaded at the delivery point. This is ideal for larger items as it can be difficult to package them well.  

Are there any other restrictions for same day delivery?

There are not many restrictions on what can be sent using our same day delivery service but, if in doubt, contact our team who will be happy to advise you.

How quickly will my parcel be collected after making the booking?

We aim to collect within 30 minutes when the collection is in and around the centre of Bristol, Frome and Cardiff. For anywhere else, allow 60 minutes.

Can I track my same day delivery?

Yes, you can accurately track your same day courier. You can track online which will let you know the latest status of the delivery and if you call our customer service team they will be able help further.

Will I get proof of delivery?

Our advanced parcel tracking system will confirm when your parcel has been delivered. We will email the proof of the delivery to the email provided on the booking. Should you need a copy, contact our customer service team who are happy to help.

Will someone need to be available to sign for the parcel?

We always try to ensure the goods are received by someone at the delivery address. However, we can leave the goods in a place of your choosing as long as this has been requested.

What happens if my recipient is not in when my parcel is delivered?

As our same day service utilises dedicated couriers, we will call you to advise that there is no one there and ask you what you would like us to do. We can wait if someone is on the way, leave in a safe place or even return the goods if this is required.

Could I incur any additional charges?

The majority of our prices will be quoted prior to booking. The one thing that we are not able to include in our initial price is any potential waiting time when loading or unloading the vehicle. We allow 15 minutes at each end and no extra charge; it’s then 50p per minute after this. Other additional charges such as out of hours jobs and congestion charges etc. will all be quoted for at the point of booking.

Are my goods insured during transit?

Our same day vehicles are covered up to £20,000 as standard. We can provide cover for higher value items on request. Please contact our customer service team and they will be able to advise and quote on this.

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