Since 1989, we have been proudly serving our customers with our fast and reliable courier delivery services. As the world was quickly changing around us, the demand for quick and efficient delivery was increasing, and we understood that we had to adapt and expand our delivery services and drivers to meet our customer’s tight deadlines.

For this to happen, we strive to make sure that we prioritize hiring excellent people with a friendly and professional approach to delivering parcels around the UK and overseas for our loyal customers. We have a variety of delivery drivers here at Priority Express, including:

• Dedicated Same-Day Delivery Drivers

• Multidrop Drivers

• Hybrid Drivers

• Cycle Couriers.

Read this blog to find out more about a day in the life for each of our hard-working delivery couriers here at Priority Express.

Same Day Delivery Drivers

Our Same-Day Delivery drivers offer immediate, on-demand same day deliveries with express collection. Whether you have a last-minute flower delivery or an important document to send, our hard-working drivers are committed to providing our customers with exceptional Same-Day Delivery to anywhere across the UK

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How Does Same Day Delivery Work?

At Priority Express, we like to keep things as simple as possible for our customers – particularly with our Same Day Delivery service. Our Same Day Delivery Driver will arrive at your chosen location to collect your parcel and will take it directly to its destination.


Of course, there are certain responsibilities and requirements that our Same-Day Delivery drivers must carry out day-to-day to ensure that our customers receive their parcel on-time and intact.

• Each specialist driver has local, regional, and national geographic knowledge

• Our drivers aim to collect your parcel within 30 minutes when the collection is and around the centre or Bristol, Cardiff, and Bath – 60 minutes for elsewhere

• Our drivers can cover up to 50 – 300 miles per day

• Every day is different! Same-day delivery drivers have a great diversity and variety, which could mean that they have many local deliveries one day to a single, long-distance job for the next day

Multidrop Drivers

As the name suggests, our Multidrop Drivers deliver to more than one location per day. A typical day for a Multidrop Driver of ours would start as early as 7am.


• Sorting through parcels, planning, and preparing for their routes for the day and loading their van safely and in the correct order

• Like our Same-day Delivery drivers, it’s important for Multidrop drivers to have expert knowledge in the local areas

• For deliveries to run smoothly, our Multidrop drivers must understand our customer’s requirements, collection times, and the products that are being shipped

If you would like to find out more about our Multidrop deliveries, then please get in touch with us today.

Hybrid Delivery Drivers

Inn 2010, we first launched our zero emissions delivery options from our urban delivery hubs, and we are now proud to have expanded our fleet with Zero Emission Cargo Bikes, eCargo Trikes, and 100% Electric Sprinter vans.

Our Hybrid Delivery drivers regularly use this fleet as their mode of transport – saving the planet whilst also delivering parcels on-time for our customers!


• Hybrid delivery drivers mainly work within city centres, such as Bath, Bristol, and Cardiff

• They regularly perform a combination of multidrop deliveries – as well as dedicated same-day collections and deliveries

• Bulk (large, heavy, or multiple items) deliveries and collections

Interested in our Zero Emission delivery services? Read this blog to find out more.

Cycle Couriers

We first launched our cycle courier service back in 2010 across Cardiff and have since expanded our team to Bristol. A great alternative to petrol or diesel vehicles, our eCargo bikes offer a faster and cost-effective way to deliver parcels.

Not only is our team of professional cycle couriers passionate about cycling, but they are also protecting our environment at the same time! Due to taking up less road space and having no parking fees, our cycle couriers are a fast and efficient option.

How Does Cycle Delivery Work?

Our team of dedicated, professional riders are equipped with two-way communication and class-leading, waterproof Messenger Pro bags to ensure your consignments arrive in first-class condition whatever the weather. Our Bullitt cargo bikes will transport your parcels and can carry up to 80kgs with pedal power alone.


• Our Cycle Couriers can cover up to 25 miles per day and must be reliable and punctual to ensure deliveries run smoothly

• They have an excellent knowledge of city centres and underground areas

• Knowledge of road safety

• Ability to use GPS devices

• They provide a range of parcel delivery services, including Same Day and Multidrop parcel deliveries for smaller items

Customer Feedback

Here at Priority Express, we love to hear feedback from our customers about their personal experiences with our delivery drivers and couriers. Take a look below to see our recent customer feedback:

“Our driver stopped traffic to help an elderly person cross the road who was clearly struggling with the busy road and the goods they were carrying”

“Our driver attended the property numerous times to ensure safe delivery of a new-born babies’ cot”

“Drivers making late deliveries on their way home to ensure important goods are delivered”

If you would like to let us know your own personal experience with our delivery team, then please leave a review on TrustPilot.

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Thursday, January 13, 2022