With the significant rise of online shopping over the past year, many businesses are introducing quicker delivery options for their customers to choose from. Gone are the days of patiently waiting for your parcel – consumers are now expecting businesses to offer the fastest delivery services at competitive prices.

Not only will offering a faster delivery service benefit your customers, but it will also help your business stand out considerably. In fact, offering faster delivery services will give your business an 85% advantage over your competitors (Marketing Profs Statistics). This alone shows just how important it is to provide your customers with the option to choose either same-day or next-day delivery when choosing your products. Both options have their distinct advantages and disadvantages, but which service is right for your business?

When it comes to choosing between the two services, it's important to weigh-up several critical factors, including the following:

  • Value of the goods being sent
  • The nature of goods being sent
  • Speed of delivery
  • Prices

What Is Same Day Delivery?

Same Day Delivery is exactly what you would expect it to be: it offers the convenience of delivering an urgent parcel on the very same day.

Your parcel will be picked up from your desired location by a driver and delivered directly to the chosen destination using the most suitable vehicle available. If you have an urgent or last-minute parcel that you need delivered immediately, then this would be the ideal delivery option.


  • The ‘same day’ appeal to potential customers
  • The quickest and most efficient delivery option available
  • Fast collection – within 30 to 60 minutes
  • No risk of damage or loss - dedicated vehicle and driver
  • All parcels are fully trackable throughout delivery
  • There aren’t many restrictions in terms of what can be sent
  • Parcel insurance is included
  • No surcharges for weight or size of your consignment
  •  Full flexibility
  • You can be more lenient on packaging, as your goods will only be loaded onto one vehicle, driven to the delivery destination, and then unloaded at the delivery point

Keep In Mind:

  • There may be additional charges from the initial price – this could include loading and unloading time
  • If there is no one home or the recipient isn’t contactable, the goods may be returned
  • Anything on a weekend or Bank Holiday would need to be pre-booked


Do you have a last-minute parcel that you need delivered by today? Contact our experienced local customer service team and they will help you decide on the most suitable, cost-effective vehicle for your same day delivery.


What Is Next Day Delivery?

Next Day Delivery (or overnight delivery) is an excellent option if you need a parcel delivered within 24 hours. A dedicated vehicle will arrive at your desired collection point and take your parcel wherever it needs to in the UK the very next day.


  • Lower shipping costs
  • Fast and convenient service
  • You can accurately track your parcel throughout delivery
  • If you are not sending a restricted item, enhanced liability can be taken in £1000 increments


Keep In Mind:

  • Postcodes outside of the BS and BA postcode will need to be collected the following day. We require 24 hours' notice for all “out of area” collections
  • There is a cut-off time for next day delivery depending on your location
  •  Additional charges can be incurred if the delivery address is incorrect on the consignment


Our overnight courier service is ideal for a one-off consignment or regular shipments. A suitable vehicle will arrive at your specified collection point and deliver it to anywhere the next day. If you’re interested, then get in touch with our friendly customer services team for more information.

What Are the Key Differences?

Having a clear understanding of the differences between these services and your own customers’ requirements will help you to choose which option works best for your business.

Here is our quick guide to the main differences between Same Day & Next Day delivery.

Key Feature

Same Day


Transit Liability

£25,000 per Consignment

Typically £100 per parcel or £10 per Kg, however this can vary dependent on the overnight carrier selected.


Collected & delivered the same day, on a direct & dedicated service.

Your shipment is collected and then transferred to a National Sortation Centre for onward transit to a local delivery depot.


Subject to prior approval, we can accept items unpacked. But we recommend protective packaging, find out more here.

Packaging suitable for handling and sortation at various points will be required. Find out more here.


Direct & dedicated same day is our fastest and most secure service.

Your shipment can usually be collected the same day and is then sorted and transferred to a local depot overnight, for delivery the next working day.

Tracking / Status Updates

Real time tracking of your personal courier from pick-up to final delivery.

Regular tracking and status updates throughout the consignments journey


We can deliver at a specific time, or within an agreed time window, to a named recipient or specific department at a business address.

Overnight, next working day deliveries are usually delivered on board a vehicle with multiple stops, however a delivery time window is usually provided.

Unusual Items

You’ll be booking a specific vehicle type, suitable for safely and securely carrying your item, whether that be heavy, oddly shaped, fragile or with specific handling requirements.

Parcels need to fall within size & weight parameters set by the various carriers and their service options.

Distance Restrictions

Same day services are typically charged by the loaded mile, so this can be more costly for longer journeys.

Larger volumes of parcels, consolidated over longer distances helps to make overnight delivery the most cost-effective service.

Business or Mission Critical

Direct & dedicated same day delivery, with constant monitoring is the most secure and reliable service available.

The standard overnight service has timed next morning and security options for added peace of mind.

Multi-Part & High-Volume Shipments

Charges are based on a vehicle type and loaded mileage, which can provide cost-effective for shipments with multiple or high-volume shipments, especially over shorter distances.

Our overnight charges are generally based on a consignment basis, not per item, adding value and keeping costs down.

Is Same Day Better than Next Day?

Although Same Day Delivery is direct and dedicated, it can be slightly more expensive for multiple shipments over longer distances due to the usual basis of charge being mileage. With many businesses offering free delivery now, consumers aren’t expecting to pay more for delivery than the cost of the goods themselves, or even expect to pay nothing at all. In these circumstances, Next Day Delivery can be a cost-effective and reliable alternative.


However, when it comes to choosing the best delivery option for your business, there’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer. Both delivery options are an excellent choice for any business, as they can offer customers a faster and more convenient service than the standard delivery option. In fact, 60% of consumers say that they are willing to pay more money if it means they’ll receive their order faster.


If you’re still struggling to decide on which delivery option is best for your business, then get in touch with our friendly customer service team and they will help you.

Posted on:

Wednesday, July 14, 2021